Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Research and development by learning from nature.
We propose optimum water treatments according to various situations.

Optimum combination of designs and proposals

Treatment processes / Operation procedures

Ultra-high-load anaerobic treatment process

SUPER Depcer is high-speed and ultra-high-load EGSB wastewater treatment equipment which was developed by applying the UASB process anaerobic wastewater treatment equipment developed in the Netherlands. Different from conventional aerobic treatment, this equipment requires no aeration (process in which wastewater is exposed to air by feeding air into wastewater to supply oxygen for microorganisms). Therefore, it is inexpensive. With less conversion into excess sludge, this equipment creates a clean system which recovers most of wastewater as methane gas.

Drastic reduction
In excess sludge

With no aeration required

Drainage treatment allowed

Saves cost and space
With high-load treatment

Recovery of excess sludge
As methane gas

[Application examples]
  • Food processing wastewater
  • Textile industry wastewater
  • Beverage manufacturing wastewater
  • Refinery and dyeing wastewater
  • Fermentation and brewery wastewater
  • Oil and fat industry wastewater
  • Confectionery industry wastewater
  • Pulp and paper wastewater
  • Chemical industry wastewater
  • Other wastewater

In addition to the above, we propose an optimum treatment process and operation process according to need such as the following.

  • Anaerobic fixed bed process (SUPER Depcer FB)
  • Anaerobic fluidized sponge bed process (SUPER Depcer SB)
  • 2-Step EGSB treatment process
  • EGSB + activated sludge treatment process

Membrane separation activated sludge method

Membrane separation activated sludge treatment system is carried out the separation process of activated sludge and treated water in conventional activated sludge method treatment by membrane filtration, and is a system that achieves reliably solid-liquid separation. In addition, it is space saving and low cost, easy to maintenance management, and is industrial wastewater treatment system that achieves to ensure advanced treated water quality. We will select the best one to suit the wastewater by the test evaluation, etc. because there are membranes of various types. Please consult us as a response to the increase of wastewater amount and the changes of water quality by increased production and so on.

Features of Membrane separation activated sludge methodDepcerMS
1 Maintenance management is easy
  • Maintenance management is easy because settling management of sludge is unnecessary, distant monitoring is also possible.
  • Inspection and management is easy because element of large membrane area are modularized.
  • It contributes to the reduction of bulking.
2 Space saving
  • Settling tank is unnecessary because performing the solid-liquid separation by membrane.
  • Treatment time is short and it is possible to downsizing equipment.
  • Concentration tank is unnecessary because excess sludge is high concentration and can directly dehydration.
3 Low cost
  • Initial cost become cheaper because simple and compact construction.
  • It contributes to the disposal cost reduction because excess sludge generation amount is less.
4 High quality treated water
  • It encourages the enhancement of treatment capacity by adding membrane separation activated sludge treatment system to the existing water treatment equipment.

Wastewater Treatment Related Equipment

Wastewater treatment equipment combines and incorporates a variety of related equipment.
Each piece of equipment serves an important role and purpose, therefore we make each piece to maximize the capability of the equipment.
Aiken can build up optimum wastewater treatment systems combining a variety of related equipment and expertise, according to field and application.
In an ever-diversifying industrial society, we always respond to customer need with optimum design and treatment.

High-performance solid-liquid separator
[Product-line examples of related equipment]
  • Pure oxygen generator
  • High-performance solid-liquid separator
  • High-pressure belt press dehydrator
  • Deodorization equipment
  • Rotary screen
  • Polydisc type dehydrator
  • Pump
  • Blower
  • Chemical injection equipment
  • Pressurized flotation unit
  • OHR aerator
  • Immersion type MF membrane
  • Submerged mixer
  • Fluidized sponge bed media
  • Fixed bed media
  • Heat exchanger