Maintenance Service

Inspection and maintenance for industrial machines

Water treatment equipment delivers its performance by normal functioning of each of the various related equipment combined. It is expected that the occurrence of a failure or deterioration in functioning will require a large repair cost or cause many other difficulties such as system breakdown. For example, in a plant, the manufacturing process may be disrupted.
However, failures and functioning deterioration can be prevented by daily management and periodic inspection and maintenance. We also recommend periodic inspection and maintenance to prolong the life of machinery and eliminate abrupt pairing costs.

[Examples of maintenance implementation]
  • Blower inspection and maintenance
  • Pump inspection and maintenance
  • Filter media replacement work
  • Inspection and maintenance for wastewater treatment equipment
  • Chemical cleaning work for refrigeration air conditioners

Water treatment related chemicals

Water treatment delivers its performance by a flexible combination of equipment, chemicals and engineering. We propose safe, low-cost chemical treatment by selecting equipment and chemicals appropriate for water quality and purpose of use, in addition to professional know-how and skill.

[Examples of chemicals for wastewater treatment]
  • Dehydration materials and coagulants
  • Oil treatment agents
  • Volume reducing agents for excess sludge
  • Bulking sludge coagulators
  • Nitrification inhibitors
  • Antifoaming agents
[Examples of chemicals for water/process water production equipment]
  • Iron-removal filter agents
  • Manganese-removal filter agents
  • Anthracite
  • Purified sodium hypochlorite
  • hemical-cleaning chemicals for drinking water
[Various chemicals]
  • Polyaluminum chloride
  • Ferric chloride
  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Other industrial chemicals

Industrial Instruments / Instrumentation Equipment / Analytical Equipment

Water treatment equipment consistently requires optimum operation management by collecting information from various measuring equipment regarding checks on normal operation, exertion of optimum performance and whether the operating method is appropriate.
By total weight control, measurement is mandatory for some items. We propose measuring equipment and monitoring systems designed from the standpoint of the operation manager.

[Industrial instruments / Instrumentation equipment]
  • DO meter
  • MLSS meter
  • pH meter
  • UV meter
  • T-N·P meter
  • Flowmeter
  • Load amount calculation system
  • Remote monitoring system
[Analytical equipment]
  • Multipurpose water quality measuring equipment
  • Portable water quality measuring equipment