Refrigeration Air Conditioner Water Treatment
/ Circulation Cooling Water Treatment

For prevention of unexpected accidents.
We propose daily water treatment.

In the piping of refrigeration air conditioners, corrosion progresses by dissolved oxygen in water and corrosion troubles such as water leakage occurs. If a leakage accident occurs with a heat exchanger or in piping due to corrosion, it could lead to enormous costs and operational difficulties. Therefore, daily water treatment is very important.

Makeup water (tap water, underground water, etc.) for circulation cooling water contains scale components such as calcium and silica. It is condensed by scattering and evaporation of part of the cooling water in a cooling tower and adheres to heat exchangers and piping. Chemical treatment and blowing treatment are required to prevent scale adhesion. Excessive blowing in creates water usage charges and also cannot be said to be favorable water treatment from the viewpoint of water saving. We recommend minimum chemical treatment and automatic blowing management by appropriate water treatment.

Automatic blower
Multipurpose water treatment chemical
Remote monitoring device
[Examples of target equipment and supply products]
  • Refrigeration air conditioner
  • Cooling tower
  • Remote monitoring equipment
  • Automatic blowing equipment
  • Multipurpose water treatment chemicals