Wastewater Treatment Equipment Tap Water/Utility

We supply safer “water” for everyday life

Tap water, which we use without much particular attention every day,
is indispensable to our daily life.
We provide a reliable system enabling everyday safe use of “water,”
which constitutes 60% of the human body.
Water, including industrial water to support the industrial infrastructure of plants, also plays an important role in agriculture.
We make proposals across many fields
to make a supply of safe water with no impurities.

[Examples of water/process water production equipment]

  • Automatic sterilization system
  • Cryptosporidium removal equipment
  • Iron removal and manganese removal processing equipment
  • Ultrapure water equipment (Reverse osmosis membrane)
  • Residual chlorine monitor
  • Ultralow turbidity monitor
  • Fully automatic active carbon adsorption treatment equipment
  • Urgent disaster response type small-portable seawater/fresh water beverage processing equipment