Wastewater Treatment Related Equipment

Always fitting diversified needs. We support industrial society.

Wastewater treatment equipment combines and incorporates a variety of related equipment.
Each piece of equipment serves an important role and purpose, therefore we make each piece to maximize the capability of the equipment.
Aiken can build up optimum wastewater treatment systems combining a variety of related equipment and expertise, according to field and application.
In an ever-diversifying industrial society, we always respond to customer need with optimum design and treatment.

[Product-line examples of related equipment]

  • Pure oxygen generator
  • High-performance solid-liquid separator
  • High-pressure belt press dehydrator
  • Deodorization equipment
  • Rotary screen
  • Polydisc type dehydrator
  • Pump
  • Blower
  • Chemical injection equipment
  • Pressurized flotation unit
  • OHR aerator
  • Immersion type hollow fiber MF membrane
  • Submerged mixer
  • Fluidized sponge bed media
  • Fixed bed media